Bonifacio : Fortified citadel at the top of stunning white cliffs, Bonifacio is truly special: a geological enclave and both a particular history and unique language. Facing Sardinia and the Iles Lavezzi, the city opens to the Mediterranean Sea and its civilizations…« a curious bay with mountain walls of stone […] /a narrow entrance opening from the sea/ where cliffs converged as though to touch and close.“ wrote Homer in the Odyssey…Probably Bonifacio.

Calvi : Dating back to the XIIIth century and overlooking both the Ligurian sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Calvi is located on an ancient Phoenician route, important for trade and cultural exchanges between peoples of the Mediterranean region. Considered as a popular tourist spot, this citadel has so much to tell…not to mention the siege in which participated Lord Nelson.

Bastia : Founded by the Genoese by the end of the XIVth century, Bastia has amassed a heritage that can’t be missed! From St. Nicolas Square and its XIXth-century palaces to the Governors’ Palace and its garden, from the old market where stands the biggest church of Corsica to the oratories of Napoleon Street where the viceroy of England had a throne, from the old port to the former Jesuit area and the Carraffa palace, the economic capital of Corsica is the place to be to experience another Corsica…

Ajaccio : Founded in 1492, the history of Ajaccio is closely linked to the Genoese and the Bonaparte Family. From the ‘Napoleonic’ historical city to the protected area of La Parata via the trendy Route des Sanguinaires, the Imperial city is definitely the place to visit!

Corte : Pasquale Paoli made Corte capital of the short-lived Corsican republic in 1755 and in many ways, the citadel is still an important place in public life. Corte stands in a sensational setting, at the confluence of several rivers…at the heart of Corsica and its Parc Naturel Régional. Ideal for heritage enthusiasts, moutain lovers or outdoor explorers!