Calanche : ‘‘I stopped stunned in front of these amazing rocks of pink granite, 400 meters high, strange, tortured, eaten into by time, bloody under the final fires of twilight and taking every form — like fantastic people out of a fairy tale, petrified by a supernatural power.’’ wrote the famous writer Guy de Maupassant about this Word Heritage Site shaped by the erosion of wind and sea…

Vizzavona : Vizzavona is a 1633-hectare forest of laricio pines and beeches through which meanders the famous GR20 trail. This peaceful haven offers a awe-inspiring scenery and a lot of hikes, not to mention the Cascades des Anglais, waterfalls that were named in the XIXth century after the English aristocrats came to live more adventurous experience.

Porto : The Gulf of Porto – Scandola Reserve is a Unesco World Heritage site: impressive granite cliffs surrounded by an aromatic maquis and bordered by turquoise waters. The V-shaped bay opens to the Scandola Nature Reserve, home to land and marine wonders of the Corsican flora and fauna.

Nature reserves: Wonderful places to get closer to some aspects of the natural world, nature reserves preserve and protect an exceptional fauna and flora. In the largest lagoon in Corsica called the Chjurlinu lagoon, 245 species of birds and 480 species of plants have been registered. Vital stopover between Africa and Europe for migratory birds, it is also a safe haven for 20,000 birds in the winter.

The Niolu :Considered as the traditional land of the shepherds, its mountains are snaked by a mythical migration path, a chestnut grove and a forest from which the tall and straight laricio pine trunks were transported to the Genoese ships to be mainly transformed into masts. And on September 8th, the Niolu hosts one of the most important fair in Corsica: A Santa di u Niolu celebrating the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.