Cauria : A few kilometers south of Sartène, the Plateau de Cauria is home to the largest and the best-preserved dolmen on the island: the Funtanaccia dolmen. By snaking through the maquis, a path leads also to an impressive and enigmatic alignment of Stantari (menhirs). This megalithic site has not revealed all its mysteries yet.

Cucuruzzu : Secluded in the mountains of the Alta Rocca, the Castellu (castle) of Cucuruzzu dates back to the bronze age. The ruins show how was organized the community and its villagers. A path through the maquis and its enchanting scenery leads to a second castle, Capula with a menhir-statue and the San Lurenzu Chapel.

Araghju : 5kms away from Porto-Vecchio, the Castellu of Arraghju is extremely well preserved and offers a stunning view over the gulfs of Porto-Vecchio and Saint Cyprien. After a 25 minutes-walk and a bit of climbing, an impressive stronghold welcomes and surprises the visitors.

Filitosa : In the Taravu valley lies the Neolithic site of Filitosa. Undoubtedly, Filitosa is the flower of the megalithic art and is considered as the most emblematic cultural site in the Mediterranean … Filitosa is an invitation to travel through 8,000 years of history.

Grotta Scritta : In the Nebbiu region, the Grotta Scritta is a rock shelter and the only place of the island with painted depictions. This fragile site is accessible after a 3kms walk from the village of Olmeta di Capicorsu, along a former path linking the village to Nonza.