Culture : ‘Get away from here before you’re completely bewitched and enslaved…’ was told to Dorothy Carrington, the famous British anthropologist and travel writer when she arrived in Corsica in the mid-50s. Tradition-loving people, Corsicans have been perpetuating an oral culture for a very long time: singers, instruments players, story-tellers…are ready to share.

Processions : Fascinating religious ceremonies, halfway between Christianity and paganism, the processions take place regularly throughout the island: Re-enactment of the Passion in Sartène, procession of the Five Orders in Bonifacio, la Cerca in Calvi… Some Unique experiences to get immersed in the local culture.

The Evil eye: On this predominantly Christian island, the mark of paganism is observable on a daily basis with some mystical and superstitious practices; some of them such as the malign power of the Ochju (Evil Eye) date back to prehistoric times… A whole world of invisible forces has been shaped by millennia of rural life. How to get rid of them? How to keep them away? Let’s find out…

Transhumance : The transhumance footpaths have been used for more than 1,000 years by shepherds leading their animals to summer pastures. They organized the rural life in villages all the way up or down the Corsican valleys. Even if they have now entered the ‘modern’ world, the local shepherds still use some of them.

Crafts: Knife-makers uphold their remarkable reputation. Alongside, many craftsmen and craftswomen excel at their art: ceramists, potters, stringed-instrument makers, glassmakers. They are all very talented and they design and create truly unique products directly influenced by the island culture.