For either a weekend getaway or a longer stay, visitors are sure to get a glimpse of a multi-faceted Corsica. Feeling like mixing nature and culture, enjoying gastronomy and traditions or exploring museum and heritage paths? Let’s trace your route and meet Corsica together.

Religious Corsica

Coming to Corsica is like entering a deeply religious land full of many ancestral traditions related to both catholicism and paganism. The visitors keep being surprised by this typically Mediterranean way of living Christianity: on their way back home, after having met the religious processions, the very much alive confraternities and even the last traces of the Pre-Christian religions hidden in the middle of the ‘maquis’, they will be transformed for sure…

Corsican summits

Understanding Corsica involves getting to know its mountains’ spirit and its summits constantly swept and shaped by the winds, outlined by the sunlight and crossed by a captivating mist. The Corsican mountains are true treasures rich with discoveries, unforgettable moments and human experiences. The island offers some extremely varied choices of both stunning hikes for accomplished athletic people and magical easier walks for curious people who are eager to discover Corsica’s nature and heritage.

Tasty Corsica

At all times, the various island’s terroirs have provided food for the islanders who have cultivated them. Based on traditional home-cooked flavours, the Corsican dishes give pride of place to natural local products: honey, chestnut flour, clementines, hazelnuts, wine, cheese, charcuterie and other types of meats like veal or lamb… Corsica welcomes you into its kitchen and allows you to meet its producers, visit its wineries and sheepfolds or even have a picnic in the middle of the ‘maquis’ or next to the fireplace.

Archeological Corsica

The island’s archeological wealth is considerable and presages some more decades of excavation. From the Filitosa menhirs to the Cucuruzzu castellu, from Aleria, the city of Antiquity, to the San Colombano fortification, Corsica takes you on a journey from the Neolithic Age to the Iron Age, from Antiquity to the Middle Ages and introduces you with times when beliefs and traditions would shape the landscapes and structure the communities.