Wine tasting: Wine tasting in Corsica is not just about wine but a special moment as wine is part of traditions and gastronomy…To sip a glass of wine is a way to share the Corsican way of life and to meet enthusiast and fascinating people.

Nine AOC-labelled regions to discover, more than 100 domains to visit and hundreds of wines to taste…Corsican wines are rich of thousands of years of history and have gained international recognition.

The geological complexity combined with the specific Mediterranean climate give Corsican wines a character that is unique and varietals that are remarkable.

Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu and Vermentinu are the most noble types of grapes and give rise to structured red, aromatic whites, and light rosé…

Cheese: There are plenty of ewe’s and goat’s milk cheeses to discover: creamy, soft, semi-hard or hard-pressed, they’re all so tasty. From December to June, the island produces a speciality: the Brocciu (AOC labelled). Made from the whey of goat’s milk, it can be eaten either fresh and creamy or aged and used in various dishes such as pasta or omelette.

Charcuterie : Charcuterie is probably the most popular speciality and curing meat is a traditional art. The Prisuttu, lonzu and coppa have a unique flavour. Elaborated from the ‘porcu nustrale’, that is the local free-range pig that feeds directly on chestnuts, acorns and plants of the maquis. In the winter, the so tasty figatellu, a fairly fat liver sausage, and the chesnut flour pulenda complete the plates.

Olive oil: Olive groves cover hectares and hectares but the finest olive oils are produced in three regions: the Balagne, the Alta Rocca and the Casinca. Olive oil is very aromatic in Corsica where olives are traditionally harvested when they are black and ripe. Old olive presses still hold their secrets…